my summer as a stay-at-home mom

Last Wednesday, I returned to work for the new school year, and my whirlwind summer as a stay-at-home-mom with my ten month old daughter came to an end. Needless to say, it was quite a bittersweet morning when I dropped her off at her great-grandmother’s house for the first time in two months. During the many mornings and afternoons spent alone with my daughter this summer, I learned that staying at home is rewarding, but at the same time extremely exhausting.

There is no “alone time” when caring for your child on a day to day basis, all day long. As a human being yourself, you can become extremely reliant on an infant for entertainment, which can be tricky since they are entertained by everything around them and are bored easily. While I wanted to play with my daughter, she wanted to destroy my book case and picture frames. However, when I would take the hint that I was not “cool” enough to hang with her and turned on some television, she decided I was not allowed. It was quite a conflicting scenario for me since she was the boss and I merely her five minute pit stop on her many endeavors throughout our living room.

I very quickly came to the conclusion that I would need to have a system in order to get things accomplished, spend time with my daughter, and have some much needed mommy alone time. I would have to wake up at least thirty minutes before my daughter in order to make my bed, attend to my bathroom needs, and have a quick bite for breakfast (a full bacon, eggs, and toast meal was barely doable, so I quit while I was ahead on that one). For two hours after her wake up, my daughter would predictably destroy every part of our living room, eat, and eventually whine and rub her eyes when she needed her nap. During nap time, I enjoyed tea, reading, and catching up with my favorite TV shows (this became my little piece of mommy heaven everyday). The rest of the afternoon after her morning nap, my daughter would fight sleep, and I would gain more and more patience. The sound of a whining, sleepy baby can be quite the patience teacher.

As a result of my “busy, yet boring” summer, I have decided that staying at home as a mom is rewarding, filled with thrills and shrills, and ultimately not for me. While I immersed myself in bonding moments with my daughter such as reading stories and teaching her new skills, my brain is not made for staying at home and feeling restless. As stated above, I was extremely busy taking care of my daughter, but I was also quite bored this summer. Too much silence due to my daughter not yet being able to speak tied in with constant repetitive motions such as changing diapers five times a day made for a tedious day, with only the five minutes of attention at a time that my daughter would give me as  something to look forward to.

So in essence, stay-at-home moms are a unique brand of women that I admire, yet I am completely baffled by them at the same time.

Kudos to all the stay-at-home warriors out there,

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Passing the Baton by Maria Canela

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Nerdy Book Club

As a new mom, it is important for me to share my love of reading with my daughter. My husband and I began reading to her while she was still in the womb, and I find it necessary to pass the love of books onto her starting at an early age. Reading to my daughter is not only exciting and fun, but it is a way to bond with her; I get to share an intimate experience with my most important contribution to the world.

canela 1Although I was not read to as a child by my parents, being an English teacher has shaped my belief that reading to children from a young age is of extreme importance. Many of the children I teach struggle with literacy because reading has never been a huge aspect of their lives. They were not read to as infants and even toddlers, so the first…

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reading book club in the classroom

I recently began a reading book club with my students who are struggling readers. At first, they were quite hesitant because they did not want to share their thoughts on the books they are reading with the rest of the class. I always find it so interesting that typically “confident” kids never want to share things in class. It’s like they are too cool for sharing. Naturally, I use my persistent nature to get them involved in the conversation.

It has been two weeks since we started alternating between journal days and class discussion days. The students are in a groove now, and they look forward to the discussions for the most part. On days when they are not as motivated as I would like them to be, I try to start the conversation going by sharing about my own book that I am reading. I also read with them everyday in our club circle, which I have seen makes them stay focused on their own reading. After all, modeling is a key ingredient in the classroom.

Sharing in the experience of reading with my students has also changed my experience in the classroom. Since I have kids who are not driven to read, it can be difficult to find ways to keep them engaged. It seems as if the reading book club has given them something interactive to do with books where they don’t feel like the work is tedious and redundant because everyday we have something new to discuss. It has also changed the pace in my classroom now that students are getting up and coming together for a bonding moment.

In other news, we have 39 days left of school and Summer is right around the corner. I have started my TBR (to be read) list of books, and I am anticipating some amazing stories coming to a couch near me rather soon. Summer reading has always been my favorite thing to do when school is out.

Until next time,

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5 things that suck about a trip to the hospital

Last night, I had to rush myself to the emergency room due to my asthma acting up, and I was highly irritated by several things, one of them being the ridiculous co-pay I was asked to provide. I have had dozens of bad experiences with healthcare and below are the top five worst things that I have noticed in my endless struggle with this necessity. 

1. Expensivehospital humor co-pays– Every time I go to the doctor I am asked for more and more money. A simple physical will cost me $40 out of pocket, while a trip to the emergency room will take $15o out of my already struggling pockets. Why is it that even with insurance, we have to pay so much money for our health needs? Let’s not even get into the fact that other countries provide free healthcare for their citizens, which should be the norm since our health is the number one thing-without it, we have nothing. 

2. Being asked for money before being treated– I have often found that hospitals will ask for your insurance card before anything else. Why is this the case? Shouldn’t they be more worried with getting my needs taken care of and handling that later? The insurance person should not be the first person I deal with when I get to the hospital, period. 

3. The amount of time it takes to be seen– Not only was I asked for my co-pay before anything else, but it took about 45 minutes before someone decided to come see me. Anyone with asthma can tell you, it is not a walk in the park to feel like someone is stepping on your chest while trying to breathe. It is extremely uncomfortable and quite frankly people can die from asthma, so why the wait? It seems like there is little  concern with treating people’s health needs in a quick fashion, and it needs to stop. Not to mention, there were barely any patients in this emergency room. 

4. Time it takes to get an update Once they start treatment, it takes too long for the next time you see someone. I was not checked on for about an hour and a half, which is just not acceptable in my book. There were nurses passing by, but no one took the time to see if I needed anything or how the treatment was going; this was not the first time that this took place during my visits to the doctor or hospital. Maybe we need to get more bodies in these hospitals, especially if they are going to charge as much as they do for visits.

5. Getting discharged can take forever as well– After you finally see the doctor, he takes about another hour or two to type up your discharge papers. I have yet to understand this, especially in busy hospitals where beds are constantly needed for new patients. 

Overall, I was not pleased with my experience last night or any night that I have been to the hospital for that matter. We must do better–that’s all!!


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Inspired by Illiteracy by Maria Canela

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Nerdy Book Club

I was brought to this country by an illiterate father and barely literate mother; both had been raised in the Dominican Republic with little access to an education. I was in the fifth grade when I first realized that my father could not read or write. We were standing at the bank and he was asked to sign his name. He wrote an X and explained to the teller that he could not sign his name and that was all he could provide. The teller smiled and processed the transaction. On the way home, I asked my father why he could not sign his name, and he said his father never sent him to school. I was baffled and kept asking questions even though he did not appear to want to get into the topic. He explained that he only went to first grade for two days before being told…

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Leo gets his win–about time!!


This morning, my awesome husband walked through the door after walking our dog with the video of Leonardo DiCaprio’s win playing on his phone. I recognized this phenomenal actor’s voice immediately and screamed as soon as I heard he had won. Typically an avid lover of all things cinema, I would have watched the telecast, but decided not to since it has become progressively boring throughout the years. This year in particular, all I cared about was Leo finally receiving the honor he has been snubbed for too many times before.

As awards season got underway, it became clear that he finally had a chance at winning the prized gold statue. I could feel that this was his year, but I decided not to get too excited since his tremendous talent has been ignored so many times before. I also read somewhere that he was trying too hard this time around to win the gold, but that is just stupid, to say the least. Leo has been delivering Oscar worthy performances for years now, and it is about time that he is acknowledged. There has yet to be a character that he does not bring to life in the most genuine and truthful manner–for he is one of the greats of our time and as such is truly dedicated to his craft.

Having been involved in the world of acting for a period of my life, I am highly interested in actors who are fully committed to the craft of acting. My college professor, Robin Reese, whom I admire for this quality took the time to share with her students that acting is being–and this is just what Leo has done in his plethora of films. He does not shy away from the gritty, raw, and bold characters he often portrays and for that he is to be admired and held in the highest regard.

You’ve always had my vote Leo–and now finally, the Academy’s too.


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technology tools for the classroom

Being a teacher in the current time period requires embracing technology; students love using all their gadgets and so it makes sense for teachers to incorporate this tool into their classrooms. Almost every job interview I’ve been on has asked me to speak on how I would involve technology in the classroom. During my past experience and this new school year as a building substitute (sadly, I am still without a contract due to the small amount of English teaching positions in my area), I have found several sites that are extremely useful for teachers, students, and parents. Check out the list below along with a few details about each one: teachers can create assessments for their students on this interactive website, and they can collect data about their students in seconds. extremely useful tool where teachers can create review content and quizzes; students can log in and study for tests and quizzes using games and traditional forms of studying. this website allows students to engage in the research process by allowing them to note-take, outline, and write/research topics with their peers.


Google Drive- here, students are able to share documents with teachers, work collaboratively with other students on projects, and peer/teacher edit their work.

Google Classroom- teachers can create their classes here, add assignments, interact with students and handle their questions/concerns about the assignments, and check who has completed the assignments. allows teachers to send text message alerts about upcoming assignments, tests, etc. Students and parents can sign up for the service.

I hope these were useful. Until next time,

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