vacation on a budget

This upcoming week, I will be headed to my native country for a much needed vacation. Thankfully, it is an all-inclusive vacation because my budget right now is seriously struggling. Sound familiar? Well, this is because of the ongoing search for high paying jobs by people in their twenties and even older. The economy has become so depressing for us twenty-somethings and beyond that the idea of a simple four day vacation can leave us mentally exhausted. How much money should I take? Will my luggage go over and leave me with a $25 extra weight fee? Will I have enough money to tip? What about souvenirs?…The list of questions becomes endless when you are vacationing on a highly tight budget. When I’m faced with these money complications, I find that making a plan (a realistic one) is the best approach. This means no new clothes, unnecessary spending on food prior to the trip and limiting my outings. So this week is all about watching TV to keep myself from heading out and spending the little bit of cash I have for this trip. Depressing much???

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independent learning


I had the pleasure of working with some incredibly joyous kids today during one of my substitute jobs. It was shocking to me that they were more content than most of the regular folks that I encounter on a daily basis. Actually, it was less shocking and more refreshing to see the amount of happiness that these kids contained within themselves. Now, this is not to say that they were not struggling to get through their day. For the most part, their day consisted of learning small tasks such as folding laundry (a small task for non-autistic people) and dusting furniture. I was highly engaged during this assignment because it reminded me of the small joys in life that so many of us take for granted. Here I am, a fully capable human being complaining about things like having to go to work, when some of these kids (probably most of them) will never even be able to take care of the small things in their lives without assistance. I was glad to see this “independent learning room” because it was allowing them to learn how to do things for themselves. Although it was a bit of a struggle to watch some of it, their persistence was inspiring. There were several instances where some of them were agitated and complained about the teacher’s assignments, but overall they seemed to go about their day in a much more accepting way than the rest of us.

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the interview

JobHave you ever sat in an interview that you felt was going nowhere? I have. Last night I was filled with excitement as I contemplated what I would say about myself to my prospective employer. Well, it seems that excitement went to waste when I found myself speaking to people who were expecting a different applicant. Not only did I feel defeated once again in my never ending journey to getting  a full time teaching job, but I also wanted to scratch someone’s eyes out for wasting my time and gas. I mean, why have me interview if I do not meet all of your “requirements.” Needless to say, my morning did not go as planned and I felt completely empty inside. If only someone would give us twenty-somethings that “experience” all these jobs demand, then maybe our lives would take on more meaning sooner rather than later.

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