vacation on a budget

This upcoming week, I will be headed to my native country for a much needed vacation. Thankfully, it is an all-inclusive vacation because my budget right now is seriously struggling. Sound familiar? Well, this is because of the ongoing search for high paying jobs by people in their twenties and even older. The economy has become so depressing for us twenty-somethings and beyond that the idea of a simple four day vacation can leave us mentally exhausted. How much money should I take? Will my luggage go over and leave me with a $25 extra weight fee? Will I have enough money to tip? What about souvenirs?…The list of questions becomes endless when you are vacationing on a highly tight budget. When I’m faced with these money complications, I find that making a plan (a realistic one) is the best approach. This means no new clothes, unnecessary spending on food prior to the trip and limiting my outings. So this week is all about watching TV to keep myself from heading out and spending the little bit of cash I have for this trip. Depressing much???

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