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Fall Running

I have been trying to stay in shape for a couple of months now, but every time I am making headway, I get distracted by all the delicious food around me. The most difficult part of exercising is that at the end of it all, what matters most to the cause is what you are eating. So…I have also started eating healthier and in smaller portions. Ideally, I could afford to shop at the whole foods and eat all natural foods, but let’s be honest: 1. I do not make enough money as a substitute teacher to shop there and 2. my bank account would not approve. I know those are both the same reason, but seriously whole foods is just above my pay grade. So what do you do when you want to be healthy and stay fit but you can’t afford the good, natural food that will help you…you make a plan and research your stuff. Here is what I found:

– adding lemon to your water helps with breaking down fat

– drinking the required 64oz (8 cups) is not only good for your body overall, but it also helps to diminish your appetite (as a matter of fact, sometimes when you think you are hungry, your body is actually just thirsty) I KNOW IT SHOCKED ME TOO!!

– working out at least 4 times a week and getting a good sweat out is essential to staying in shape and losing some of that unwanted fat

– sleeping and keeping track of your stress levels also don’t hurt the process

Lately, I have become obsessed with how to eat right and stay fit. I am not sure how I thought it was okay to eat a bunch of processed, greasy food before because now the same food makes me nauseous. Just think about those “delicious” hamburgers at McDonalds that are literally taken out of a package and heated up. Not only are they disgusting, but they are not even real meat.

If you find yourself in the same predicament as me, please watch the documentary, “Food Inc.” It will change your mind about all the “yummy” food you spend hundreds of dollars on at the supermarket. Instead of giving away your hard earned cash to these money hungry companies making you fat, unhealthy and unhappy, find alternatives and farmers markets in your neighborhood to help boost that metabolism and maybe even help you live longer.

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