weekend in the city

This past weekend, I went home to New York City and spent some much needed quality time with my fiancé and two girlfriends. Our mini-vacation began with a trip to the 9/11 memorial, which was magnificent. The amount of attention that is being paid to the details of the memorial is astounding. I was highly touched by the memorial pools, where the names of all the victims are inscribed. Hundreds of people surrounded the pools on this thirteenth year anniversary since the tragic event took place. The  emotional mixture of peace and sorrow was all around the memorial this past saturday morning and I am glad to have been a part of it. Even though somber memories of that day filled my heart during this trip, it was most definitely a humbling experience. Below are some photographs of the memorial.

NYC 9.13.

IMG_6634                                           IMG_6636


That night, we celebrated our friend Teresa’s birthday by going to a blues club called “Smalls” in downtown manhattan. Prior to the club, we decided upon a small italian restaurant in Astoria, Queens for dinner, where we enjoyed pasta and some free rice balls and cookies. The next day, we enjoyed homemade omelettes with sausage and tea (courtesy of my fiancé Donte). Before heading off to the bus for our trip back to Philly, Teresa took us to Astoria park, where we watched a husky at the dog park and took pictures against the Triborough bridge. It was a magical time in the city, filled with laughter and running around freezing in the crisp fall air. Photos below.

Queens, NY 9.13.

IMG_6659                                           IMG_6696


 splash m


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