rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

I found myself rehearsing my monologue for acting class and questioning whether it was ready or not. I must tell you, doubt is one of my biggest struggles and as an artist, it can be a killer. It can destroy creativity in an instant, leaving you empty and disappointed. I had to quickly take myself out of that state of mind and move along with my rehearsal. We present our monologues tomorrow and inside I am a hot mess. Thankfully, I have been provided with the tool of relaxation (I picture my college professor in moments like this telling me to kick, punch and yell my frustration out of my body). I must do this, trust me. Relaxation is key in acting and allowing your creative juices to flow properly.

AAAAAAHHHH!!! This is how my brain feels right now. It is filled with so many thoughts that I am convinced it is going to burst in the next couple of seconds. On that note, maybe it’s best that I come back to this. Too many thoughts. Simply, just too many thoughts. I will now lay in bed, work through my crazy brain and wait for “The Walking Dead.” Later gators.

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busy bee

So my life has gone from boring straight to super hectic (in a good way). About a month ago, I took over for another sub who was doing a long term job at the high school in the Cheltenham school district. Life has been extremely busy ever since due to all the work that teaching consists of. The old saying about teachers working around the clock is more than true. I find myself grading/planning until around ten o’clock every night, including the weekends. I have very little time on my hands for the relaxing parts of life I can now barely remember enjoying. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with all this work though because I finally feel myself closer to my goal of a full-time job. The grading and endless hours of sitting in front of a computer/notebook and pen aside, my job is pretty incredible. I get to interact with hundreds of young minds on a daily basis and not only do I get to share what I’ve learned in life, but I get to learn things from them; children really hold a lot of knowledge that they seldom get credit for.

little bee

In other news, I also began my acting classes at The Philadelphia Acting Studio two weeks ago. On our first night together, we all got to introduce ourselves and share in our love for the craft. While some are there for fun, others like myself are trying to get back to an art they love. Our teacher has compiled a great group of people and every week my excitement grows in the class. It’s an eight week course and in the following weeks we’ll be presenting our monologues. I have not been on stage in over five years now, but today I began to memorize my lines and it felt like I never stopped. While rehearsing my lines with my fiancĂ©, I was reminded of the power of creativity and what creating can do for the soul. Needless to say, my passion for acting is still alive and kicking; I am rather grateful for that.

Till next time..

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