saturday mornings..

I usually wake up super early on the weekends, due to my body being accustomed to waking up early everyday for my job. The rest of the morning, as is the case today, is followed by multiple attempts to wake up my snoring fiancĂ©. He sleeps in on the weekends like any other normal working person would, but you can imagine how frustrating this is for me to deal with since I am up even when I don’t want to be. Tired and hungry don’t make for a happy morning person. Needless to say, I am now sitting at my computer trying to get some of this frustration out instead of trying to wake up Mr. Snoozefest over on the bed.

Every Saturday, our routine consists of cleaning our bedroom and heading to breakfast with his mother, who is also an early riser like myself. Well, this morning she decided to do laundry and now I have to sit and wait some more. When my fiancé heard that his momma bear was washing clothes, he simply told me to leave him to rest and come back later. My stomach, I must tell you, is definitely not pleased. So, what do I do becomes the question? Typically, I would go upstairs and make some tea with toast to hold me off, but not today. I must hold off on all the bread because my mid-section has decided to explode in recent weeks and lord knows, bread is not going to be the answer to that problem. Aaah, such nonsense.

I’m secretly hoping the sound of my typing will finally get him out of his dream session (I’m evil, I know).


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