baby time…

Hello again…

In the last couple of months, there have been massive changes in my life. Back in February, my fiancé and I found out we are expecting. It was quite a surprise, though highly welcomed. Since then, we got a new apartment, I’m going back to substitute teaching, and the wedding progressively feels closer and closer. To say that I am overwhelmed is an understatement. Planning a wedding and having a baby all within a month’s time is more than I ever expected to be doing this year, yet there is a terrifying excitement that comes with it all.

As my due date approaches (I am currently 29 weeks along), I am becoming even more obsessive than I was before, and I’m not sure I love it. Yes, there is a part of me that gets excited to clean and plan like a maniac all the time, but it can also be rather irritating to be such a control freak. While I’ve been off for the summer, it seems like all I do or want to do is clean and plan. Many call this nesting- I call it going crazy.

Although being a mother is not something I was expecting this year, it has definitely given me a new perspective on the day to day decisions my fiancé and I make. The days of spontaneous spending and selfish choices are definitely over, and I’m totally fine with that. Going to the store now consists of getting things for the baby and sticking to our budget (which everyone knows is not always the easiest thing). Being an adult never felt so real. In addition to financial changes, there have been many physical and mental changes. Below are some of the most painful ones and how to deal:

1. Exhaustion- naps are necessary, especially towards the end of pregnancy when sleep becomes impossible- I have been sleeping on my couch for the past two weeks due to this issue.

2. Back pain- pillows are not as helpful as you would think- laying on my side is the only relief I get from this and this only works when the baby is on the opposite side of how I am laying down.

3. Feet pain- keeping them raised and constant foot rubs are all I have for this one.

4. Extreme thirst- the catch-22- you need to drink all the water in the world (or at least in your fridge), yet you’re afraid to do so because you don’t want to spend the whole night going to the bathroom.

5. Frequent bathroom stops- all day and non-stop- sadly, there is no cure for this.

6. Involuntary urination- you sneeze, you pee- you cough, you pee. I pay attention to the pressure on my bladder and try to make it to the bathroom before this uncomfortable situation takes place (let’s just say, I don’t always win).

7. Forgetfulness- I used to brag about my memory skills- this is no longer the case. I forget everything and anything. Try jotting things down as they come to you on a notepad or even the iPhone notes application.

Thankfully, all of these things are forgotten when those baby kicks take place and I feel the life inside me. Nothing compares to this, at least for now. I can only imagine that meeting her for the first time will surpass every high and every low I’ve experienced thus far.

Til’ next time,

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