technology tools for the classroom

Being a teacher in the current time period requires embracing technology; students love using all their gadgets and so it makes sense for teachers to incorporate this tool into their classrooms. Almost every job interview I’ve been on has asked me to speak on how I would involve technology in the classroom. During my past experience and this new school year as a building substitute (sadly, I am still without a contract due to the small amount of English teaching positions in my area), I have found several sites that are extremely useful for teachers, students, and parents. Check out the list below along with a few details about each one: teachers can create assessments for their students on this interactive website, and they can collect data about their students in seconds. extremely useful tool where teachers can create review content and quizzes; students can log in and study for tests and quizzes using games and traditional forms of studying. this website allows students to engage in the research process by allowing them to note-take, outline, and write/research topics with their peers.


Google Drive- here, students are able to share documents with teachers, work collaboratively with other students on projects, and peer/teacher edit their work.

Google Classroom- teachers can create their classes here, add assignments, interact with students and handle their questions/concerns about the assignments, and check who has completed the assignments. allows teachers to send text message alerts about upcoming assignments, tests, etc. Students and parents can sign up for the service.

I hope these were useful. Until next time,

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