Leo gets his win–about time!!


This morning, my awesome husband walked through the door after walking our dog with the video of Leonardo DiCaprio’s win playing on his phone. I recognized this phenomenal actor’s voice immediately and screamed as soon as I heard he had won. Typically an avid lover of all things cinema, I would have watched the telecast, but decided not to since it has become progressively boring throughout the years. This year in particular, all I cared about was Leo finally receiving the honor he has been snubbed for too many times before.

As awards season got underway, it became clear that he finally had a chance at winning the prized gold statue. I could feel that this was his year, but I decided not to get too excited since his tremendous talent has been ignored so many times before. I also read somewhere that he was trying too hard this time around to win the gold, but that is just stupid, to say the least. Leo has been delivering Oscar worthy performances for years now, and it is about time that he is acknowledged. There has yet to be a character that he does not bring to life in the most genuine and truthful manner–for he is one of the greats of our time and as such is truly dedicated to his craft.

Having been involved in the world of acting for a period of my life, I am highly interested in actors who are fully committed to the craft of acting. My college professor, Robin Reese, whom I admire for this quality took the time to share with her students that acting is being–and this is just what Leo has done in his plethora of films. He does not shy away from the gritty, raw, and bold characters he often portrays and for that he is to be admired and held in the highest regard.

You’ve always had my vote Leo–and now finally, the Academy’s too.


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